David C. Dillon is the author of "Dreamwalker: Native Guide" and "Scalp" and has spent many summers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota, visiting friends and family.His first book is based on the ability to dream things that come true. If you have ever dreamed like this then this story is for you. The book goes into detail of how this can be possible. The new book is a western from an Indian's point of view. It brings a new outlook to the old west. The characters come alive in this epic tale of how it used to be when the six gun ruled.

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Conley has dreams that come true. When his dreams turn dark he goes to an Indian reservation to find his dream guide to help him understand the dreams.
Does he find her in time? And can he figure out what the dreams mean before someone dies?

Many of the chapters are based on real experiences. The book has insight into the customs and lives of today's Indians.
It also shows how unfair many Native Americans are still being treated. - David C. Dillon -
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A western from a Native American's point of view.

Two Wolves becomes his own worse enemy in order to hunt down the men that killed some of his family. He hates whites but he takes in a white boy to raise. He has to choose between killing the whites he hates and happiness. He becomes a warrior when he realizes his worse enemy is inside himself.

Available at all book stores in paperback and e-book.

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Angela from Florida - "I am loving your book and am learning a lot too. It's hard to put down. I read at night before I go to bed and when I wake up for a half hour before work. It keeps you interested, no dull moments. Can't wait to finish!
I finished your book this morning! Amazing... the insight into dreaming... the humor, so much spiritual insight... thanks for a great book... and a wonderful awakening!"

Joan from Ohio - "Enjoyed this book tremendously! The description of the places Conley, the main character, visits, makes you feel as if you are right there with him. The characters were brought to life with their own personalities so you feel as if you know them. The plot is so interesting and kept me reading page after page! And if that were not enough, l learned so much about the American Native culture and history past and present. I highly recomment this book to anyone from preteen to seniors!"

Miakoda - "A must read for all people, I enjoyed it very much. :)"

Richard from Ohio - "Really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to all."

Lin from England - "I finished Dreamwalker: Native Guide by David C. Dillon and gave it 4 stars... very interesting... I want an authentic dream catcher now :)"

Veronica from New york - "Wonderful pieces of Native American history woven together in a fascinating story of a man’s quest to find his true self. Characters full of adventurous spirits, love of family and respect of nature. Inspiring narrative takes you on a passage only few are fortunate to experience. Magnificent Story!!!"


David C. Dillon, author of “Dreamwalker: Native Guide” has a new book coming out called “Scalp”. Here are some of the comments he has received on the book so far:

“Great title. It captures the novel’s central complication and the action of the story.”

“Readers interested in this genre will love the story, the action, and the characters.”

“The story idea is unique. While there are lots of western books on the market right now, this manuscript takes a new and original take on the genre by focusing on a native hero. That will help this book stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

“The story’s tone is spot on for the genre. The novel captures that sense of imminent danger that readers will expect from a western. The author does a great job of transitioning quickly from serene to danger throughout the novel.”

“The author often does a great job of infusing emotion into the story. That effort will help readers connect with the story and the characters at a deep level and will lead readers to root more fervently with the heroes.”

“The story takes place at a place and time that will be familiar to readers interested in this genre. Even so, the author gives the setting a fresh perspective. He is able to accomplish this, in part, because he helps readers understand the setting from the native point of view. That’s a bit unusual for the genre, and it’s a refreshing change.”

“The author has successfully crafted an interesting and important cast of characters. Readers will like the heroes and will want to see them be successful as they work to resolve the story’s central complication.”

“The author also does a nice job with the character descriptions. They include the kind of telling detail that show what characters look like. They also tell readers something important about the characters being described. That effort gives the characters depth and makes them more real.”

“The characters are interesting. Readers will enjoy Noah because he is not the kind of hero readers will expect in a western.”